Don't worry if you can't get a facial during the Pandemic.

We have a solution for you!. You can now enjoy having a High Quality Facial in the comfort of your home. Everyone can use it in the family.


(for Day Spas and At-Home maintenance; Portable) Wireless, USB Rechargeable.

This mask is like those weird  glasses, except for your entire face and you can actually see out of it without lines obstructing your view. It’s designed to be very wearable and on-the-go, so you can continue doing whatever you’re doing (like holding prolonged eye contact with strangers to make them uneasy) while treating your skin to red, blue, or yellow lights.

Since the mask is set on a glasses frame, it won’t slip down or fall off while you ride your bike around in the darkness and featherlight weight.


Features:   7 Colour wavelength frequencies (from Yellow to Blue and Red); Includes Neck cover for additional treatment reach.  USB Rechargable, Wireless and lightweight

Applications:   Aesthetic / Beauty Treatment and Health depending on treatment desires     (e.g. circulatory health, acne / bacteria control, collagen increase…). 

Benefits of 7 Colour Light Facial Shield:

Shrink PoreImprove skin toneIncrease skin elasticity,

Reduce freckles and redness

Remove acne

Promote blood circulation

Lock in moisture

Stimulate immune system

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Warranty: 1 Year

Gift Box

English Manual

Can be charged 3-5 times before the next charge


Package includes:

Mask includes USB cable, Rechargeable, wireless, can plug into a wall outlet with an adaptor (not included) Automatically changes colour every 5 minutes LightweightPortableUse anywhere, anytime

Super easy to use, absolutely safe and relaxing!

2021 Family, Unisex Home Facial Gift Box - 7 Colour LED Light Facial Shield


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